The dishes we cook today

Desember 2019


Pomegranate, fresh cheese, quince, ceps, pine nuts   

Sea-urchins from Cadaqués, naturals  

Pumpkin cream-soap with caramelized hazelnut  

Lactaires, pine nuts mayonnaise  

Cèpes (Boletus Edulis), roasted in the oven, with olive oil    

Turnips negret de Capmany, blue cheese Cingles de Bertí  

Risotto with white truffle from Piamonte, boletus edulis  

Little calamary, grilled in brochette, estragon vinaigrette      

Red mullets, grilled with fisherman vinaigrette  

Turbot grilled or in the oven fisherman style

Dentex fish with lime leaves & peppers: Sichuan, Jamaica, Malabar 

Woodcock, after 8 days, roasted with canapé   

Thrushes, potatoes, olives from Kalamata, garlics & lardons  

Beef filet, in red wine sauce

Hare in Royal, beetroot purée     


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