A place, a history.

The Restaurant at Hotel Empordà in Figueres. 

A history that inspires... Since 1961

To Josep Pla, the first notary of the country, Josep's presence Mercader could not him overlook. A man who has worked in the international cooking of the station of Portbou had decided to plant an establishment of Catalan cooking to Figueres, in a motel of road, on the road national that it was door to begin with forced for the international tourism of the Coast Brava the 1961. It was an excellent news. Perhaps it was the apparition of a new case of genius  in the best tradition of the region of Empordà. Perhaps Salvador Dalí had had a premonition of the canteen of the Motel when the 1920 had painted a table served with the  elegance of the church of Vilabertran to the bottom, an image that seems a calque of one of the prospects of the canteen as still is today, to the head of fifty years."Llibre Històries del Motel - Miquel Berga edició Maig 2011

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